Custom cursors in Flash

Since the Tutorial System 2 is now more or less defunct, or at least receiving no visitors, I thought that I should post the tutorials written on that system to the Aspektas Blog, so that people could continue to benefit from the knowledge imparted by the articles’ authors. Here is one of them.

How to make custom mouse cursor:

  1. Create a new symbol and call it _Customcursor\_mc_
  2. Make the custom cursor a movie clip
  3. Click OK
  4. Draw your desired new cursor on the stage making the point of the mouse on the “+” symbol
  5. When finished the mouse go to scene one
  6. Drag the custom mouse cursor onto the stage from the library
  7. Give the custom mouse cursor an instance name of _customcursor_
  8. Put the following code in on layer 1, frame 1 in the ActionScript part
  9. Now press Control + Enter and see if the custom cursor works!