Functions for the TI-89

Nothing to do with web development, but a while ago I wrote some Maths functions in BASIC for my TI-89, a calculator that has been in my cupboard gathering dust for the past year or so. However, I recently dug it out, and discovered all of my old code still on it. So, all the functions I wrote are now available for download through the Lab.

They are all fully documented, both in a NoteFolio document for reading on-calculator, as well as in a standard text file. Some of the functions are slightly experimental, and reading what they do before using them is advised.

These functions will be most beneficial to people taking the Victoria, Australia VCE Mathematical Methods course (as that it what they were written for). However, there are also some general-purpose utility functions in there that would make life easier for anyone using or writing BASIC for the TI-89 series of calculators.

Disclaimer: while some diligence has been followed in ensuring that the functions are correct, and return the right answers (after all, I used them myself), I cannot be held responsible for any erroneous calculations that may result following the use of such functions.