WordPress v. my bespoke blog system

As you may recall, my previous blog was run on a bespoke PHP application designed from scratch by myself. This blog is run on WordPress, and I think I’ll enjoy blogging much more because of it.

Firstly, I will say, designing a blogging system from scratch was, for me at least, fun! I got to know a lot about my chosen environment (PHP/MySQL), and learnt many things. The design decisions I had to make along the way also forced me to think carefully about what concepts were essential to a blog system, and which ones were not. And it was a great experiment — to be free from the constraints of another system, and to have complete control (or so I thought) over every aspect of the website. I thought it would be great.

However, despite how intensively I coded the system, there were many issues that persisted with it for a long time, and some have not been fixed even until now. Two issues in particular were particularly irritating — the comment moderation system, despite the integration of Akismet, was never very good at picking up spam, which caused me to have to escrow all comments, taking up a lot of my time. The “approve” button also didn’t work properly, approving all comments instead of just the targeted one. I could have fixed this easily, but in the end just couldn’t be bothered.

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A new day/month/year, a new blog

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog. Following the death (or at least abandonment) of my last blog, I have decided to start again. The last time I wrote a blog, it was about pertinent issues in the web development world, or at least interesting tidbits that I had discovered and wanted to share. As my interests changed, however, my will to actively investigate and write about such things waned, and with it went the blog — it is more or less a year since I last posted something.

My wish to write, however, remains unabated, and there are many things I find of interest in the world, and in the things that happen around me, that I may want to write about, or at least ramble. Thus, this blog will be more personal in nature, or at least not so strictly defined in terms of matter. Whatever I find noteworthy, controversial, or thought-provoking, I will try to write about, and I’ll of course attach a probably completely unrelated image for the visual effect.

No, I kid. The main reason I want to start a blog is because otherwise this WordPress theme I just designed would have no use, and would probably never see the light of day. WordPress is great, isn’t it!

Perhaps I kid again. I simply wish to write about some things, some times, and perhaps this blog is a good place to do so. This site will not be authoritative, focused, or even particularly

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