The Lab

The lab contains various small scripts or other projects I've worked on in the past, along with descriptions and download links. Have a look through them, you might find something interesting.

A small game from long ago


A long long time ago in high school, we used the TI-83 Plus as our calculators. These were "graphical" calculators that had small LCD monochrome screens and which could

The Mandelbrot set in Flash


I haven’t been writing things for a while, partly because I have been taking a break from web development to work on a renderer for the Mandelbrot set

The chaos game in <canvas>


This is just a small and very simple chaos game written in JavaScript for the <canvas> element. It works in Firefox and Safari. Just an experiment – I

<canvas> snake game


Isn’t the <canvas> element wonderful? In this experiment, I made a small snake game, with five speeds.

The script is actually adapted from a snake game