The RoundedDesign Blog System

Since at RoundedDesign we have a philosophy that indicates that we will not use third-party code and attempt to create everything ourselves, I was quite unhappy about the fact that our blog was previously run using WordPress. Therefore, I am happy to anounce today that we have created a new blog system based entirely on our own work, with the RoundedDesign Blog System’s codebase completely unique.

However, since we have absolutely no idea how to create a JavaScript WYSISYG editor, the RoundedDesign Blog System (RDBS) will continue to use the wonderful TinyMCE until our knowledge improves.

The RDBS is very simple, with only one page acting as the front-end, but with a fully function administration system meaning no direct database querying. Comments are open for anyone to submit, and there are several categories. Alot of the features resemble those of WordPress, and we have drawn much inspiration from that system, though none of their code was used.

What more can I say? If you have any comments or suggestions, you can leave them in the comment area below. Enjoy.