Truth and lies

The truth is but a simple thing. To a person, there is only one truth, reflected in the real world around them.

A lie, however, is different. It is far more complex. A lie is part of an alternate reality. This alternate world is similar to the real one, but where there is a lie, it differs. To maintain the lie, it is necessary to live not in the real world, but in this alternate reality. If the alternate reality is forgotten, then the lie will fail, and the truth will be revealed. Thus, concentrating on the details of a carefully constructed and believable alternate reality is an inescapable part of the lie.

Alternate realities, however, are not to be trifled with. Once created, they cannot be escaped. Reconciliation with the real world is not possible. The only way to sustain the lies throughout the alternate reality, is for more lies to be created. Thus, the more time that passes, the more they draw those living within them ever deeper. Lies upon lies, lies within lies, such are inevitable to maintain the alternate reality. So those within, are trapped – forevermore with the burden of maintaining the alternate reality, in all its ever-increasing complexity. Impossible to keep track of, that complexity will be eventually, and then what?

Such it is with lies.