Weather in Melbourne

The current season in Melbourne is summer. On Tuesday, the maximum temperature was 20 degrees (centigrade). Today it was 23. However, by Saturday it will apparently have risen to 31 before falling to 20 again next Monday. This city is very inconsistent – we truly do have four seasons in a day.

Apparently the reason why our weather is so variable is because we are stuck between the cold Southern Ocean  to the south, and the central deserts of Australia to the North. If the wind blows from the South, then we are basically in the middle of the ocean, with cold, wet wind and lots of rain. If it blow from the North, then we are in the desert, and get hot, dry wind (but no sand like Sydney gets, fortunately). In fact, when the weather is hot, people always speak about waiting for the “cool change” — for the wind direction to change.

Anyway, I’m feeling particularly cold at the moment, so I thought I’d write this in warning, in case any of my non-Melbourne readers were thinking of coming. Bring your jackets in summer, and your swimming gear in winter! Ok, maybe it doesn’t get that warm in winter.