What happened to, you ask?

It’s gone. It was old (the codebase had barely been updated since 2007), hard to maintain and eventually broke. And that was the end.

All the article content from the site has been imported onto this one, so it is still available, for what it’s worth—I really wrote some pretty strange stuff back in the day! The URL structure has not been retained though so it may be hard to find some stuff. Have a browse if you feel like it.

As for what it looked like, before memories of the site are lost to time…

Screenshot of Aspektas blog

Update: as a bonus, here is what the site used to look like in some of its previous iterations, in chronological order. As may be evident from the images, originally I called the site RoundedDesign. I first made the site all the way back in high school. It was hosted by my friend. Not very reliably, as can be seen.


Also of note, the logo was originally a capture of a 3D model made in Blender! There was even a strange animation of the components rotating, which I unfortunately can’t find any more. At this point I developed my own “bulletin board” or web forum system for the site, which worked… decently. Not that anyone ever wrote anything.


Obviously at some point I decided I liked inverted colour schemes. Just like inverted controls in video games, my preference for them has waned. Except in text editors.


I also finally redid the logo here. This iteration is also when the initially mentioned “Aspektas Blog” was first created.